712 858 8094?

I have been given this number and told that it is a US-dial gateway for making free international calls -- all you have to do is call the Iowa based number. It was suggested it to me as a way for me to call into conference calls at work for free. Does anyone know anything about this?

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: My research assistant looked into this loophole on Friday afternoon. The number rings, and after a short pause answers in three different languages: first, some dialect of Chinese, then in Spanish, and finally in English. The essence of the three messages is 'enter the number you wish to call, now'. What is expected of you is to enter '011' (international code from the USA), followed by the varying length number you wish to reach. A prudent person might limit outcalls at that point to movie-theatre recorded message lines, weather recordings, hotel switchboards, etc. My research assistant did not think it was a wise idea to call a number _where a real person -- let's say someone's mother -- might eventually answer and brag on her son, the computer and telephone 'expert'. _ Such a smart boy, and all that rot ... my research assistant listened to the opening tri-linqual instructions, then dialed 011-620-331-1113 for the Independence weather and time of day recording. You can even call other USA domestic numbers with the '011' on the front end, that is important. But, if its for free or not, I do not know until I get the bill; we also tried calling my cell number through this loop-around and the caller ID on my cell phone said it was my research assistant calling! In other words, the caller ID of the original caller gets passed; nothing is in secret. Exactly how or if they will bill for it, I do not know. But the '011' is needed, since apparently the Iowa location 'expects' it is going to be given an international number. In other words do like any international call and add 011 but omit any leading ones or zeros after that point which the recipient of the call would give out. PAT]
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