3 Verizon Phones - Throw Away or What?

I'm permanently leaving the USA in a few weeks. I have a Verizon account with 3 telephones, 2 of which are almost new. These phones have 2 year contracts. When we leave, what should I do? I cannot take them back to Verizon, because all they'll want is the big dollar contract buyout, which I won't pay (let them attack my credit, who cares, I'm not coming back here). Sell the phones? Aren't they banned from continuing to work on the Verizon network, and locked into the Verizon network? Just destroy them and throw them away?

Any advice appreciated!

[TELECOM Digest Editor's Note: My personal advice, for whatever it is worth, is sell them for a few dollars each and get what you can out of them. If you know anyone you can generally trust, sell them a phone (for ten or twenty dollars?) with the understanding that _they_ can continue to pay the bill for the remainder of the contract (or until they get tired of paying the bill and/or the phone gets turned off, whichever comes first. PAT]
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