WTB: PC Based Mimic Screen

Looking for a PC based mimic screen system which will;

a) Allow aprox 100+ open/closed contacts to be connected (alarm sensors


b) Display status of all of them on a PC screen

c) Sound an alarm noise when any of the contacts changes state until a "reset" is pressed as well as give a graphic representation that the state has changed (ie from green to red)

d) Allow any individual circuit to be muted (latched)

Can anyone recommend a company that might supply such a device?



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you can do all of this with the entrapass series software from Kantech

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all you need is a few Kt-300 with zone expansion board.(if my memory is right you can have up to 16 zone by controller)

the software monitor all the input and can display the status of all of them on one screen or multiple layer of menu,as you which..

it will even have the status displayed on a bmp or AutoCAD file of your site so you can see from a single view the whole status of a floor,building or even multiple building,multiple floor . it all depend of the size of screen you have!

it will ask you for an acknowledge by a pop up message with sound,customizable sound ,can even be set on 10 different priority level with different sound..

all this live,it can connect to controller on a serial port,or with a modem or on tcp-ip,each loop can have up to 32 controller

and you have 2 reader input as a bonus.by controller...

you can download demo software on their site..and if you want to test it on a real controller I am sure our friend from tri-ed will help you with it..

(p.s.) I don't work for them (even if I give some training on this product from time to time) I just love this product,its stability and ease of use..

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Subject: WTB: PC Based Mimic Screen Newsgroup: alt.security.alarms => Spike Looking for a PC based mimic screen system which will;

What is the application? There are some fancy nurse call systems that will do that, plus voice; however that may be more than the customer wants to spend.

There are also PLC's (programmable logic controllers) that can be programmed to do anything you want. That may be overkill too.

You can "roll your own" with a dedicated PC and I/O cards.

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