We Want to Cancel Your Service

I had a really interesting call the other day.

Its actually not very common for me to get calls from clients wanting to cancel service, but it happens once in a while. They wanted to know where to send their written notice of cancellation. Since they actually called and wanted to send in their notice I was thrilled. Most folks just quit paying their bill and make you eat it until you cut them off for non payment.

Anyway, I gave her the mailing address and asked her what the problem was. She said they have been having problems with their alarm and have not been able to get anybody out to service it. Then she mentioend that it was in a devlopment I am very familiar with as I had the alarms systems for the builder. The figurative alarm bells went off for me then. I haven't had any calls in that developemnt that have not been resolved, and certainly none that took multiple calls with out being serviced, so I asked her what her name was. It was not a familar name.

When I got back to the office I looked up the name on the CS computer (remote access) and also on my computer. Nope. She is not a client of ours. Then I pulled the original file for that address. Yep, we prewired it for the builder, but that was all. We never installed an alarm system there. Well, whoever co-opted my prewire and installed a cheap system for her certainly didn't do her any favors. Pretty funny stuff.

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Bob La Londe
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so did you 'take her over'?

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Somebody else did. She was cancelling service post takeover.

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Bob La Londe

I woulda been meaner and say no problem you cancellation is accepted. Dumbass.

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Crash Gordon

We have a Pizza parlor in my area that has a telephone number similar to mine. Not often, but sometimes we get calls from people ordering pizzas. I used to tell them they had the wrong number. Now ...... I just take the order.

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