unbielevable actions by a tech

Sounds more like the exception than the rule but he sure makes you smell like a rose, Nick. Did she *voluntarily* offer you her number?

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I was called the other day by one of the many national companys i do there local work for to go change a wireless motion sensor at one of the chain stores they monitor. I arrived the manger handed me the device i put system on hold changed it called for a down load .While waiting for the down load the manager said how much nicer I was than the last guy they sent. She told me how much of an arrogant and ignorant jerk he was and how he broke about every one of the chains security rules. and then to make matters worse when she was not in the back office with him he took down her home number and address and started calling her at home continually. At first she thought it was a joke but then got scared nd called her loss managment emergency number and police . she filed a police report and the tech and his company is no longer permitted any where near the premises.or her.

Just what the hell kind of losers are we hiring in our industry or is the gene pool that dilluted. or do companys just not give a damm any more?

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Nick Markowitz

Don't be shocked Nick, perverts & thieves are in every profession (lots of them in politics)... I'd say we have less, because of the background checks that most States require security companies to do on perspective employees... Remember, the bad guy has to have a criminal record to be known as a "Bad guy", it is assumed that a person with a clean record is a "Good guy"...

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Russell Brill

D. All of the above.

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Robert L Bass

Yikes. I guess this is why security clearances are now required:

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I agree Russ. It is unfortunate but oh so true. It is the owner/managers responsibility to identify the personalities and habits of their staff and act accordingly. If they fail to do this, then the companys reputation is put at risk. This particular tech. may be a great installer with a clean background but obviously shouldn't have been put in front of a client. My first thought is "he's gone", but if the company is compelled to keep this individual, his place is obviously on a construction site doing prewires. Let him chase Bubba's telephone number. OTOH, Giving this tech the benefit of the doubt, this story is hearsay and there is always two sides. Back in the early 80's, I had a tech accused of attempted rape at an apartment property we were installing is Houston, TX. I knew this kid and his family since he was in junior high school and just knew he wouldn't do this. I put him on leave through the investigation. Through the investigation and lie detector tests, the girl made advances at him and he turned it down leading her to make these acquisations. As it turned out, she came clean and it wasn't the first time she had made such claims. You just never know, making dealing with employees a difficult job.

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Bob Worthy

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