Change a Z1100 user code

9 [program code] X Y ZZZZZ

X = code position, 1-4 Y = configuration digit use 1 for arm/disarm, 2 for access control (command

0), 3 arm/disarm or access, 5 arm/disarm and access, 9 duress. ZZZZZ = new code. Must be 5 digits, use trailing zeros if you want a shorter code. js
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Z1100R/System 1? Z1100 System II? Z1100E?

They make nice boat anchors, especially when you chain all three together from high tensil strength cable............

(knock on the door).........."Jack Stevens?....what are you doing here?"....

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Mark Leuck

I cannot remember how to change a user code on a Moose Z1100. I'm sure someone is nice enough to let me know.

I can't believe we have this panel still working in the lightning capital of the world, Florida. Oh well, back in Dallas I saw a Radionics 6 volt 3000 series panel still working at a residence. You know, the kind with the plug in LED zone status board on top.

Respectfully, thomas

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