Telco listen in talkback devices anyone

I'm looking for two way audio device for a phone line over an outdoor speaker. I have a paradox voice dialer module V1.10 at the premises that can switch 2 pgm outputs remotely. Also a network DVR with alarm contacts open or closed on a dsl line at the location. I'd like to be able to have an audible warning when motion is detected in front of one of the cameras or be able to call in to listen, talk back to someone at the location. Any and all help would be sincerely appreciated Dave

I'd rather not mickey mouse a universal timer / relay on the dialer pgm 1 to a panasonic speaker phone unit if theirs something available commercially. It'd have to be set up to drop out after a minute or two so I could remotely get back into the dialer which is a pain.

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Eagle Security Products makes all kinds of listen in gizmos may want to try there site

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nick markowitz

Thank you , I'll check it out, and let you know. I forgot alot from my telco expertise 10 years ago. Dave

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