Techman has Brinks on the brain

You may have seen me bitchin about Jim's lack of service in the past. I can tell you that it has been since Sept/06 - that's 16 months since I sent Jim some panels to be unlocked and returned to me. I have the list, courier weigh bills, and many, many emails asking for the work to be done.

Mr. Rojas, if anyone asks to see your emails advising that the panels will be returned to me unlocked in a few weeks, or any other proof of your crap service, I will begin posting them here. I will also offer my services to Brink's lawyer's in the form of a character reference Affidavit. The next time I see you post on this newsgroup, I will assume that you have read this.

You know who I am.

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Dick Seed
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I guess you didn't hear. The US Marshals seized Jim's stockpile of Brinks panels and programmers, and charged him with 1000 counts of theft, and hoarding panels, and for repeated violations of the Brinks Trade Secret Act.

Sableman got the court to issue a bench warrant for his arrest. Jim fled the country and was spotted using his passport at the Canadian border.

Frank Olsen is suspected of harborring this dangerous fugitive. The US Marchals and the RCMP have formed a special task force to bring this Rojas guy down.

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Dick Seed ---Why not just call your self the Spermanator.

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George Siegle

Please be advised that I live closer to Dallas that you do. Most every dealer I know around here would be willing to testify to your character starting now. Just because you didn't get some worthless chicken shit panels returned to you now you're trying to ride the coat tails of the grim reaper? Getting on that scorpion's back for a free ride could leave you feeling like a pin cushion. It's not a bad as wishing Bass would croak from the big 'C' cause you don't like him, but it is getting near there. I'll let Mr. Bass weigh in on that if he cares to. If you're so cheap as to be recycling used alarm gear (and perhaps selling it as new with full mark up) the idea of getting your own lawyer and paying full freight must be truly terrifying. Naturally it's time to kick someone when they're down to get your way. Man you're a real charmer. To start with, anyone using panels 16 months old (plus how many years added on to that) must have a really great reputation to protect, right? My ass. Do you pay you installers minimum wage or are they all illegal aliens? What kind of miserable cockroach are you? If you were in a CP-01 area you couldn't even legally carry that old garbage in your trucks. Ever bother to mention that to some customer when you're trying to install that crap? Don't you have a dumpster at your shop? I suggest using it. Stop making ridiculous threats. I am certain that Sableman, that guy that is barbequing Rojas for unlocking panels, wants to get an affidavit from another guy soliciting that same service from him and that sees nothing wrong with it. That reminds me of the guy that went to the police to report the guy that robbed him of his dope. You're a piece of work.

"Dick Seed" wrote in message news:

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Just Looking

Rojas got deported to Peru last month, not that he was ever from Peru but Brinks just felt he was better off there

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Mark Leuck

Dirty sums of bastidges or sandwiches or something like that.

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Bob La Londe

Not hoarding panels! He could get the death penalty for that!

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