Samsung Phone System Certification

Wow! This is really exciting stuff... NOT! I don't understand why all these manufacturers require certification on their stuff. Give me a set of manuals and I can install it. Their certification course is really over view stuff at best. So far I have covered hardware general specs and hardware basic installation for the iDC 16, OS 100, and OS 500. That is two full course int he certification process. I'ld have been done in a couple hours if it weren't for phone calls and service calls interrupting me. Still its just not that hard. I guess its a way to get a dealer "invested" in them so they will feel locked in and not go elsewhere when something better comes along. Yawn. Sound like any other industry you are familiar with... like... I dunno... the fire alarm business!!!

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Bob La Londe
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Roland Moore

HOWL!!!! ROFL! Yeah right.

I finished their certification course and the test on the iDCS16, OS100 & OS500 last night about 9:30. Between customer calls and service calls I spent 8-9 hours on it. I was pretty disappointed. There was nothing in the course I couldn't have gotten from any decent set of manuals. Except for them wanting to make sure you know you have to buy the caster kit seperately for the OS500 and making sure you knew how to clear the memory it was really all just overview or survey type material.

Kinda reminded me of the business and law exam for my contractors licenses. They had more questions about making sure you knew where to pay your fees and sales taxes than anything else. LOL.

Their system had some glitches too. Some stuff didn't register when completed and had to be repeated to get it to register. Their test had one true false question where the statement was true, but if you clicked true it said you were wrong and then restated the question as the correct answer. LOL. Another asked for the defualt tech code for programming, and then there where no tech codes listed in the multiple choice answers. Just MMC addresses. The correct answer was the MMC address to enter tech programming, whch was stated in the question. LOL.

Pretty funny stuff.

Actually it was not a total waste of time. By taking their survey course it gives me a better overview of how everything goes together. It will make it slightly easier to design and bid a system. A parts/application diagram could have done the same thing on one page for each system.

The systems do have some cool features options available though.

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