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Hi! It's been a few years. Got out of the building and security business a few years ago. Now, even with this tanking economy, I'm back. Don't ask about my IQ - life is what it is and I try to go with the flow.

Anyways, I'm trying to get back up to speed on stuff. Especially PIRs and cat/dog friendly detectors. Also, is GRI still "the" vendor for switches? Lotsa questions. Where do I start? I don't want to clog up this place with redundant info. Any suggestions on sites for re-learning and learning? Or, any other suggestions?

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Honeywell , GE ,Bosch ,DMP and Napco are the dominant players now of days GRI still makes a good switch your best bet is to look up there sites and do you research there. There are some minor news sites but other than what you find here I can not think of any professional burglar sites this group probably comes best to that need. there are a bunch of Fire sites including

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which Myself and Al colombo run if your into fire

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