!!!LOST PASSWORD DVR dedicated micros

I purchased a Dedicated Micros DVR security recorder because they have a rep for support. After spending $4000 for this beauty I lost my passwor/ The password I selected. Now they tell me they will not tell me how to reset it. They want me to disconnect 16 security camers, 2 monitors, 2 remote keyboards, SCSI RAID sevice and a SCSI external CD burner/ Take it off the network upon which it occupies an IP address. Then remove numerous moldings and bascially tear apart the custom cabinets which were built for it. and disconnect it from my home alarm system. I mean this is a serious and messy job. Then UPS it back to Virginia where they say it takes ten seconds to reset. Then UPS it back to California where I can spend about $1200 to reinstall and rebuild the works. Meantime we will have zero security. They say its a simple operation that takes seconds, but refuse to assist over the phone or even remotley reset it on modem.

Does anyone have an idea how to reset tha stupid thing? We are desperate, Next time it's Pelco and thier 24/7 365 day a year support. Meanwhile HELP ANYONE!

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Sorry to hear about your difficulties. You've spent hundreds of dollars securing your DVR in a special cabinet with no thought about having to access it for servicing later?? Unfortunately there might not be a "quick" fix to help you. Resetting the password probably requires taking apart the case so you're going to have to remove it from your system anyway. You've got one of the most reliable and secure DVR recorders on the market if that's any consolation.

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