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Hey guys. I've been having some trouble with a Kidde smoke/Co alarm I've recently bought for my room. I am in the unenviable position of living with a hot water boiler in my wardrobe so I thought that whilst i was going to buya smoke alarm anyway, I may as well get one that does CO as well - so I bought the Kidde one.

However, the alarm has started going off around early-mid morning every day. There's no audio warning; there is simply just a long beep, followed by a shorter beep then a pause. It does this over and over until I get fed up of it and takes the batteries out. Having read the operating instructions, it mentions that the alarm cannot operate below

4=2E4=B0C. Since the time of day that this happens is probably when my room is coldest and that since my room is on an outside wall and in the North East of England, it seems that going below this temperature is probably what is setting the alarm off.

Since I'm planning to take this alarm back (but still keen to have a CO/smoke alarm) does anyone know of an alternative CO alarm that I could get? Even better would be another combined smoke/CO detector so I don't need to buy two.

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Are you sure this might not be the time of day your heater or whatever is running and it might not be a CO alarm?

The CO detector to have is the Nighthawk plug in model with the digital readout. To confuse matters though, Kiddie bought Nighthawk semi recently, or licensed their technology. It's a rectangular little box with an LED display on it.

Battery powered CO detectors have a long history of being prone to false alarms. Battery powered smoke alarms work fine though.

I might have the fire department out with their very expensive CO detector around that time of day to make sure you don't have a problem that your current detector is trying to tell you about. They do that for free as a public service here in most locations in the US. YMMV.

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My landlord provided me with a CO detector which is about 3 years old but it seems to work fine when I test it - that has never gone off yet. I've also got one of those patches that changes colour put on the inside door next to the boiler and that is still white. Basically I put the CO detector up just before I started the central heating in the house, so the boiler was not running fully at the time.

Therefore, I'm pretty sure it's temperature!

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How close to the boiler is it? Every CO unit that I have seen recommends keeping it a reasonable distance, like 15 ft away from combustion sources to avoid false alarms. Also, it sounds like the beeps are not the normal alarm sound, so if the manual doesn't say anything more about it, I would contact the company and ask them what that beep sequence means.

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Call help line in UK on 01753 685148

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