IP based alarm systems/ access control ?

Anyone know of any IP based access control and or alarm systems, Ideally power over Ethernet powered.


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Check out the Elk M1-Gold.

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Frank Olson

Man, that is one U G L Y keypad, reminds me of an electric shaver from the

50's or something...I wonder what designer came up with that?!

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Check out the Elk M1-Gold. | | |

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Crash Gordon

It does look better in real life but yes it isn't the best looking keypad out there

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Mark Leuck

It looks to me more like a mini version of those jukeboxes you used to see in booths in restaurants.

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I can't for the life of me, think of any application where you would either need to, or want to send power over Ethernet to power a control panel. You wouldn't be able to go the distance, nor have enough amperage to power much of anything. Sounds like you're mis-understanding the concept of PoE, and the limitations.

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