hello I have an alarm problem

It started when the council workmen came and fitted UPVC windows in my flat. They just smashed off all the door and window sensors saying the alarm company would have to fix proper UPVC type sensors. Well the job was finished apart from the alarm, after a week or 2 I rang the council and they sent an alarm engineer to look at the damage. He said, this isn't maintenance this is refitting. I explained what had happened and off he went. The end of it I have no alarm, The council say its the alarm companys job, the alarm company say they only do maintenance. The property needs a new alarm. The council won't pay for a new alarm so here we are! The alarm is an 'Optima compact 2' and there are 6 windows and 2 doors in the flat. All with wires dangling, and some smashed plastic sensors. I am at the stage where I am willing to pay out of my own pocket to get an alarm up and chiming! If I buy the 6 window and 2 door sensors will they come with fitting /wiring instructions? I can wire a plug and am not colour blind, I reckon the hard work has been done with all the wiring just sat waiting for the sensors. So any advice on the sensors would be good, they were vibration types that could be set from 1 to 3 bumps, the only UPVC sticky fitted, I can find are just window opening and not vibration type. I am getting desperate now as out local kids have worked there are no alarms on our estate and are getting rather active. Cheers.

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Dunno how it works on your side of the pond...but over here...the company who damages something on the job, especially since this could have been avoided by a simple phone call to the alarmco so they could have popped over to prepare the removal company....pays for the ultimate repair of the system.

Sounds like the "council" is confused. Yes, it's now the alarmco's job to fix the mess caused by the previous contractor...but it's not your job or the alarmco's job to eat the expense....it's the council workmen who messed up...the council should pay for repair/refit.

ps...who's the "council"...sounds ominious.

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Crash Gordon

You can purchase the detectors but I would advise an engineer to fit vibration as they can be fiddly. It is unfortunate that the council contractors have no respect for your property. Who had the alarm system fitted, Yourselves or the council?

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Paul Ekins

Hi Jackie, If you can email me direct ,I will sort the problem out for you. I am in Leeds in the U.K.I have tried to email you but the mail came back to me.

Kind Regards.

Michael. Modern Security Systems. Leeds.

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Micky Savage

A council is a local authority responsible for building permits, noise and animal control and other bylaws etc as well as services such as water and waste.

It's a comm> ps...who's the "council"...sounds ominious.

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In North America, what you are describing sounds like what we call "City Hall".

What's strange (to me) in this case is that you say that "Council workmen" were the ones responsible for performing the labor (installing new windows, wrecking your sensors).

Do these "workmen" really work (and get paid by) the Council? Did you have a choice as to who would (or could) perform this work for you?

Over here, the local authority responsible for enforcing the building codes and municipal by-laws (City Hall) has no such workmen that would perform such work for a home or building owner. That work is done by a private contractor hired by the owner.

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Alarm Guy

ah thanks!

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Crash Gordon

Possibly a State owned building, and Council contractors doing some maintenence.

Greg - NZ

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