Happy multi cultural holiday

Just wanted to wish all of you rump rockets a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Well actually I was bored so this is more of a time killer than a heartfelt greeting but who really gives a flying fuck at the end of the day? Merry Xmas blah blah blah I've heard it so many times it's starting to annoy me more than Jared from Subway. To the canucks I wish you a happy Boxing day. Yeah, now that's a real holiday. Boxing day? Happy Broomstick Eve you retarded holiday having snow monkeys. It's CHRISTMAS! Take that sheep shagging 'holiday' to another month like February. To the jews I wish you nothing but the best during the Hannukah holiday. Free ham for everyone!!!!!!

And before you accuse me of forgetting Kwaanza I have attached a nice little Kwaanza jingle for all of my colored (damn I love saying colored) pals. Enjoy.

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Did I leave anyone out? Oh yeah the fucking Moose Lambs just had a holiday on Wednesday. To all my Moose Lamb friends I wish you nothing but a safe trip to your 72 WERE GINS. Puh leeeeeeeeease. A fucking aye rab couldn't get laid in a coffin but suddenly they're going to score ass left and right once they hit heaven? How disillusioned are these humps? Anyway Happy Blow Up The Jew On a Bus Day or whatever it was you just had on Wednesday.

In closing allow me to say

HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I brive a dus
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That's why I switched to turkey.

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Roger W

RHC: Ok Tom, hope you feel better now....let it all out now...breathe deeply....well done !!

BTW, Boxing Day is not a holiday so much as it is like your Thanksgiving day....an excuse to go out and spend money on goods that are the most heavily discounted of the year. And to any of the regulars that love motorcycles...here is one to keep you warm...:))... (Bob Lalonde, RLB...)

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Hey Tom!

Thanks for the laugh!

Merry Christmas

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And the same to you. Howz the wife and rug rat? I imagine he's probably got skates for Christmas. I'll have to check Orca Bay and see if they've got a Canucks jersey in a size "pip-squeek". :-)

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Frank Olson

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