HAI - RC80 Thermostat- How do you disable buttons?


I would like to disable local access/changes to an HAI Omnistat RC-80 thermostat. Physical location is 2nd story. Thermostat will only be used to monitor current/outside temp. Temperature changes/adjustments to be made via console control keypads. I have teenage son that enjoys raising temperature to roasting levels in morning while other members suffer. I believe there used to be a technical bulletin or application note on removing or adding a jumper to board, but can not find when I could use it. Anyone have this helpful info or where located?

Home Automation Industries HAI Omnistat RC-80 Thermostat: Single Stage, Heat/Cool, non-lighted version HAI - R80 Thermostat- How do you disable buttons?

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Your best bet for that kind of information would be a home automation group. HAI makes a great home automation product but there aren't too many alarm companys that will use them because they're not that good an alarm panel. Just as alarm manufacturers don't make good home automation panels.

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Take away his video games/car keys and see if you get full compliance.

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Steven Vaughan

There is a disable local control option in the installation manual for the RC-80. It is not in the user manual. Contact HAI and ask to have the PDF of the manual sent to you. It is indeed jumpering to spots on the PCB.

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