HAI - RC80 Thermostat- How do you disable buttons?


I would like to disable local access/changes to an HAI Omnistat RC-80 thermostat. Physical location is 2nd story. Thermostat will only be used to monitor current/outside temp. Temperature changes/adjustments to be made via console control keypads. I have teenage son that enjoys raising temperature to roasting levels in morning while other members suffer. I believe there used to be a technical bulletin or application note on removing or adding a jumper to board, but can not find when I could use it. Anyone have this helpful info or where located?

Home Automation Industries HAI Omnistat RC-80 Thermostat: Single Stage, Heat/Cool, non-lighted version HAI - R80 Thermostat- How do you disable buttons?

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I believe that you place the thermo in remote mode with a jumper inside. Look at

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