Back in June I posted this little diddy which had NOTHING to do with RLB. It was me venting about something else but the thread took on a life (or death as it were) of it's own so I left it alone and watched the replies. The replies speak for themselves. It turned out to be a sneak preview of the sick bastard parade we are now watching.

Oh so what was I ranting about? Not that it really matters but I was ranting about jackasses that pulled the lever for Obama and every other liberal that is destroying our nation. I was pissed about the permanent damage being done to our country and the loss of more freedoms.

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Note to Jim, Graham, RHC, and Frank (am I assuming you are Kurz?):

I was not drunk, stoned, or otherwise under the influence of any substance. I was f****ng pissed about the liberals.

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