Fire Alarm Faulty - End Of Line Device???

I can't find a web site for the manufacturer, but I did find the following. I don't know if this is the correct part or not...

BF378M - MINIMUM miniature EOL module (for head out monitoring on EFP/FP)

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It goes without saying that you must obtain the correct end of lines. Contact the installation company and advise them. Give them a fixed deadline and inform them that the appropriate authority(ies) will be notified if the defect is not corrected.

In Canada, shoddy workmanship like this is usually picked up at the time the system is verified and you cannot receive an occupancy permit on a building that requires a fire alarm without a piece of paper from the Manufacturer (or their authorized agent) that's called an Appendix "A" which details the devices supplied, their locations and physical testing.

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Frank Olson

I posted a while ago re: problems with the Fire Alarm system in a block of 7 flats, and have now established the following:

Panel - MFP Range 4-28 Zone Fire Alarm Control Panel.

End of Line Device specified 6k8ohms

End Of Line Devices supplied are ZF19 which seem to be 8k2ohms.

Presumably, the ZF19 will not be suitable, and has been wrongly supplied?

Any ideas welcomed

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