cameras in a car?

Hi All,

I'm having a bit a problem with some local hoods. I need a two camera system for my car that covers the front and rear. An additional microphone channel would be nice if possible. I don't want the cameras or mic to be readily identifiable - the goal is to get good quality video of the status quo. Time and date stamp on the recorder would be nice if possible.

Is anything available under $1000 that will do this? I'm really concerned about adapting off-the-shelf components because of the environment in a car

- heat, vibration, etc.

Any ideas appreciated.....

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David Stiles
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A 12 time laps recorder in the trunk. A Mimi cam in a Kleenex box on the back deck. A mini cam in the fussy dice from the front visor.

You could go wireless to the house.

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Like the other reply states cameras can be hidden in any object. Wooly hat,

1x glove on dash, cleenex (like stated) air freshner. There are plenty of 12 volt 4 camera DVRs that are available, you don't need to worry about vibration if you only use it when vehicle is parked.
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Les George

Check out

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The "Oh No" episode is the funniest.

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Frank Olson

Hi, I am not sure about price, but look

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i think they have what you need.


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Try here:

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