Am I the onl;y one that see that trend..

Hi!! Been a long time, still working for my union and have lot of work!!

I have this question..

Around here some sprinkler guy are starting to install whole fire alarm panel..

they have no electrician or alarm certification but there sprinkler stuff..

Is this a treend around the country or even in the world?


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Not legal in Texas. There are:

Fire Alarm Certificate of Registration Application, Fire Sprinkler Certificate of Registration Application, Fire Extinguisher Certificate of Registration Application, and more for fireworks and misc.

If a company only has a Sprinkler Certificate, they can't touch the alarm. They install the flow, tampers, and other devices - but only an ACR company can wire them up. I've worked for companies that held all three, and lots more that only had the ACR.

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G. Morgan

Here is Pa no license so not uncommon to see every one trying to do everything and in some case they sub contract it out but client does not know

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