48. New readers, Pro's are UNprofessional

Its now since 5 years that i first mentioned:

- Wireless Alarm Systems are UNRELIABLE during Radio Frequency Interferences (RFI);

- Theyre is no warning that the system is muzzled to dead.

Some "so called" Pro's come to the conclusion:

  1. RFI exist and can't be avoided;
  2. There is a RFI detection in the "modern" wireless alarm systems.
  3. The wireless alarm systems are working fine, no RFI detected since 20+ years and 100000+ systems;
  4. They have no RFI reliability measurement tools except theyre on site experience;
  5. There is no manufacturer support on that RFI subject.

Even if a "unsupported by manufacturers" RFI detection exist(?) its strange that they have NO RFI alert/warnings.

Instead of having a closer look to the problem (Pro's discovered it for the first time when i mentioned it 4 years ago), no they prefere to act theyre way with insults, by denigrating, attempt to spoil my posts with out of context posts, attempt to avoid my posts by calling my provider, ++

How is it possible that they are so UNprofessional. Why do they not call the manufacturers?

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