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I place an order for 4 relays. I received 3 relays and a stick. This is t otally unacceptable. The stick looks nothing like a relay, and the relay l abel you put on the stick does not fool me into thinking its a relay. The person pulling the order had to be able to tell the stick was not a relay a s well. It looks nothing like a relay inspite of the label on the stick cl aiming it is a relay. Immediate shipment of the missing relay is the ONLY acceptable resolution. If you would like your stick returned you must prov ide the full cost of return shipment at your expense.

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Bob La Londe
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Your stick is a recorder. Kinda like a flute. Possibly 'recorder' and 'relay' were mixed up by the person (in China?) who was attaching the sticker. This was a problem years ago by a popular auto parts supplier. Staff who didn't even know what a muffler bearing was were labeling auto parts with bar codes. I tried to put Ford brake pads on my Dodge van. No matter how hard I hammered, they wouldn't fit.

Psssssst. Why are your complaining to this innocent list? What about the seller?

bored in the Central Station at 23:46,


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John R. Sowden

Actually it's not. No whistle on the end. It's a bamboo flute.

Just posting because it was amusing.

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Bob La Londe

Very amusing little grasshopper.

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