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Nortel M7310
Can anyone tell me how to get my prime telephone number back on line 3. My line 3 button was erased and now shows blank button when in button inquiry. (feature *0) When I call my prime # it shows up...
Need to Reset Remote Office 9150 to Factory Default Login/Password
I have a 9150 that our former distributor changed the administration password on. I understand from the Admin Guide that the guest login cannot be changed but its password can (and has been). Can...
Passport CP card won't boot
Hello ... we have lot of CP's, and they have the same problem. Any idea please? ******************************************************************************************** Firmware PM2 Version...
Reset Call Pilot Mini to default
Dears, I=B4m need set to default Call Pilot MINI, from serial conection, the system is corrupted before an electric failure. I=B4m set connect to serial port but Im=B4not find the way for reset to...
Hi , At the moment, we have a System available with 900 analogue and 32 system lines licence. If needs be, we can modify the configurations easily to your specific type of use, for example you could...
Can anyone upgrade an Option 11 25.40 to Succession for me? Need a quote.
Hi All -- Looking to see if anyone can perform an upgrade on an Option 11 25.40 to Succession (5?). I can be your hands, just need someone who is more familiar with the process than I am. The system...
Caller ID Feature 811 not working
I got 0X32 system with dr5 + 2 C1 cards When i press Feature 811 display shows no calls. When call cames in i can see info. Any way to make this work? I want to see history of all calls on this...
Laczenie 4portowej karty i switcha (800Mb/s)
Witam Jak w temacie. Chodzi o polaczenie 4-portowej karty sun (serwer na suse 11.1) i switcha baystack 350-24T tak aby uzyskac transfer miedzy karta a switchem 800 Mb/s. Karta posiada porty 4x100Mb/s...
I have QTY:01 of the NTWR30AA units in stock for sale! Call 863-686-4727 x 226 if interested John
Callpilot express voice message
Hi Is there any way of switching off the system message "Mailbox xxxx" when I point to an express message and just get straight to the recording? Thanks Martin
GHTROUT's Nortel CS1000 BS Phrase Generator
GHTROUT 's B.S. Phrase Generator for Nortel Administrators. There are few things more frustrating than someone with their own self-made dictionary of Nortel terms.
GHTROUT's Call Redirection Troubleshooter
new guide for new Nortel CS1000/Meridian Administrators
Nortel PBX and Cable Resource, Memphis, TN
We are looking for Nortel PBX and Cable Resources for a 6 month project, possibly contract to hire in Memphis, TN. TELECOMMUNICATIONS REQUIREMENTS: * Demonstrated proficiency in Nortel PBX, ACD, Call...
Door Phone on BCM 400
Hi We have a door phone setup on a BCM400. For security reasons we have it setup so that it's not possible to dial in from an outside line and open the door. However is there anyway of restricting...
Download Syslog from DRAM?
From what I have read you cannot download the syslog from DRAM. You have to have a PCMCIA card to download from. Is that true? If not, how can one TFTP download the syslog from the DRAM of a router.?