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I am the product and marketing manager for Unimax. Unimax is the leader in unified administration software for multi-vendor telephony environments. In my role in product management I am trying to understand the value points within the market. I have a simple question, if you were to buy an administration product - like OTM - today, what would be the price you would be willing to pay for your environment? And, would you prefer to pay based on 1) a fixed-price, 2) how many administrators, 3) how many end-users you support, or 4) how many systems? Thank you. Jennifer

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None of these are realistic

  1. Fixed price.... I could be a Support vendor for 100's of Switches with
1000's of ports. I'd pay the same amount as the guy with one Option 11 with 30 phones.

  1. How many administrators.... Same argument as above, just share the login info between admins.

  2. How many end users.... What's an end user.... A single port? A system with 10,000 ports?

  1. How many systems. A guy with 2 Option 11's with 30 ports pays the same as a guy with 2 81c's with 8,500 ports each?

Generally, it involves a mix of ports, features, functionality, and system count.

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Thank you. I understand that there are a multitude of options and configurations for consideration.

What is the $$ value of a system administration tool in your environment?


Bob wrote:

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I would expect to pay based on number of ports/telephone terminal count. You would be able to police it very easily since the application needs to learn each port (capture into the application database) resulting in a count

As for what would people pay - whatever appears competitive is how I would answer that. If you need to tool, you shop around.

As for the "administration of the phones" capability, a typical customer is probably one that is just converting to a different system and is large enough that there are multiple changes every day. Because it is uncharted territory to them, they will have been "sold" the admin tool the vendor wanted them to buy.

A customer that has had the same PBX for a while is going to shop around and they will be influenced by your competition claiming you are too new to risk choosing. The product probably has a variety of capabilities beyond changing phones, and knowing those would be needed to set some kind of value.

Tell us about it - give yourself a plug - just don't appear to be advertising :-)

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