Surge Protection

I have a need to add some surge protect a telephone system.

I need the surge protection on the incoming circuits, right at the demark point. I have several lines including POTS voice lines, POTS dial in modem lines, VDSL, ADSL, and T1 circuits. Is there a surge protector that will protect all of the above lines without degrading performance?

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Gas Tubes are the best but expensive. POTS ok, don't know about the rest.


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If in North America, that protection must be installed, for free, by your telco. Protection that will be as good as the earthing you have provided.

The same protector typically uses for voice is also used for those other lines. Each wire in each cable connects to earth via a protector. That protector must be low capacitance so as to not degrade signals.

The connection to single point earthing must be as short as practical (ie 'less than 10 feet'). Therefore, for that protection to be effective, it must be adjacent to all other incoming utilities. Each utility must also make that same short connection to the same earthing electrode.

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