DSAL Protection solid state surge protection

Data RJ-11 DSL Protector [PDS-11DSL] $53.95

Click to enlarge · for DSL Service · Multi-Stage Protection; Hi-Current Semiconductor suppressor · Protect Valuable DSL Installation & Equipment

NEW ! ! High performance protection for DSL service

RJ-11 plug & jack Pins 2,3,4 &5 protected

Modems and other Phone Line connected (modular, RJ11, RJ45 or Screw terminal) equipment are regularly subjected to:

· Power Line induced Spike / Surge / Transient damage · Lightning & Weather induced Spike / Surge damage · Power Line caused Spikes, Noise & Interference · Weather related Noise & Interference disruptions · Performance S-l--o-w ~ D--o--w--n due to any of above

Weather / Lightning caused phone line Problems are biggest offenders in SUMMER

AC Power caused phone line Problems are most likely offenders in WINTER

Note that: .... phone line problems DO occur any time of year

Save $$$ Faster Down load Prevent Down Time Extend Equipment Life

· Combat Weather and AC Power Line related speed robbing disruption, interference, equipment damage and down-time · Revel in Faster Web page loading · Experience reduced system down-time · Extend equipment life and performance · Observe reduced data errors · Enjoy faster, cleaner FAX transmission

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