replacement for 1010?

I cant see anything under a 1750 to replace the now end-of-life 1010. Can you recommend a low end box that does:

10 ipsec tunnels OSPF routing Two true routed 10/100 ethernet ports
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BSR 250/252 comes close, 5 tunnels

there are still some remanufacturer 1010 at nortel

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The BSG Business Services Gateway supports 10 to 64 tunnels depending on the model you buy. RIP/OSPF/VRRP, 802.11abg wireless, SIP proxy, SIP Registrar, FXO and FXS if you need it. The BSG4 starts around $550 from most resellers and goes up from there, again, depending on the model and how its outfitted. I have a full product brief or you can download it from

Brian Reed - NCDE Nortel Sales Engineer

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