Slow PING response from 470-487T switch ??

I've got a 470 stack of 3 switches hooked up to an 8600 via an MLT. I am running my vlans out to the switches.

I have all my vlans out to my switches but I am having a great lag when trying to PING by name on my network. If I try to:

PING server it waits and sits for about 13 seconds before it starts to say Reply From... I then start to get the reply 4 packets

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Ron said to all and sundry:

that's a DNS problem. My guess is that your workstations are not registering with a DNS server authoratative for your local zone, and instead you're using your ISP's DNS servers. If DNS doesn't work, Windows will resort to broadcasts and that's pretty inefficient and takes a great amount of time.

So don't worry about the switches. They seem to be fine.

- Dan

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