Problems with Radius Authentication


I have kind of a weird problem with my radius authentication. We are using the built-it IAS service against our Nortel switches. We have a lot of Nortel 5520, 470, Business Policy Switch, 8610 ect - and the same problem occurs on all of them.

I have no problems logging on with my AD credentials, but one of my colleagues gets rejected. On the IAS end it all looks fine - it accepts the request (Also for him), but the switch still denies access. We had hoped that a software upgrade would solve the problem

- but it's still there.

Should Radius not be a very simple protocol - could there be any AD account issues?

Hope you can help me on this matter. I have read some contribution in this forum, but none where it worked only for some users.

Best regards,

Jan Bach Kaiser Nykj=E6r

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What privileges does the user in question have? I not huge on MS domain knowledge but you don't want regular users getting an enable prompt on your network hardware do you? try add them to the DA group and then login.


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Hi Flamer

The two administrators ind question are both DA. Me and another of my collegue.

Best regards,


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