Meridian SNMP Alarm Agent

Can anyone provide a reference (NTP or other) to Meridian 1 SNMP Alarm Agent Configuration. Have a Meridian 1/Succession 3.0 Large System and want to send SNMP Traps to an HP Openview Network Node Manager. The "Features" doc refers to Software I/O Maintenace NTP ( LD117). LD117 basically provides info on how to configure an IP address for the SNMP Console but no info on available TRAPS, etc. (MIB level info).

Thanks, Pat

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I've successfully configured M1s to send traps to HP Openview and setup Openview to correctly display the varbinds. I haven't got the info with me at work at the moment - I'll dig it out from home later. If a remember correctly, the MIB is very basic - it just defines a single trap. The varbinds of this trap contain the alarm code, severity, etc.

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Ian Normington

Hi everybody

i am using HP Open View ver 6.2 for managing my network and also have

a Nortel Meridian 1 Opc 11C PBX rls 25.40B that i need to manage via

snmp protocol.

I have activated the traps in Meridian 1 but i need to know the snmp

community that i need to setup in HP Open View.

I have triyng setting public community but it doesn.t work.

Can anyone help me with the configuration, both in Meridian 1 and HP

Open View?



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