How to find the IP address?

We recently had a Call Pilot 150 installed but the technician did not set up the IP web GUI interface for it. It's on our network, so I'm sure it must have an IP address. Is there some way to find out what that IP address is?

I'm a newbie, so please use layman's terms... thanks!

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There are laymen and laymen. The default IP will not do you any good, it will have to be changed to one that works on your network. You should have got a CD and a 3 or 4 page quick start guide, If you didn't call your vendor, you bought them when you bought the CP.


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Try this:

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David Hartung

The default IP address is Change your IP to match the network, then access the IP via your browser , login with the password (default is 0000) - unless you changed it via Feature 983 Then you can change the IP, subnet and gateway

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