Cantata( brooktrout) TR1034 fax board to notel cs1000

Hi all, I hope someone out there can help me as i dont think my switch vendor can. we are trying to connect a tr1034 t1 fax board to a cs1000 t1 card. the nortel card was working connection to an old att curcuit we got rid of.

the problem is that we either get a loss of signal waring on the fax board ( in t1 robbed bit ) or the d channel does not come up when using isdn or qsig.

I'm SURE someone has done this before !!1

HELP !!!!!!


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Are you running through a csu? Can you manually loop back the T-1 card?

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John 807

normally fax servers are set up as regular tie lines, not isdn . Make sure settings are same on both ends (d4 or esf) and (ami or b8zs), and that you use a t1 cross over cable. You set up your fax numbers in cdp and route to this t1. Fax server software will handle rest.

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