Vintage Speakers in Need of Repair

Hey all. I've got an old set of no-name 5 way speakers, wood design, probably made in the 70s. They've got a mid and high range eq knob and a reset switch on the face under the mesh covering. The woofers on them have finally given out and need to be replaced. They're 12 inch (including the metal frame where the screws mount it to the wood), and on the back they say "30 ohm 10% 5W". All I've been able to find are car speakers or in-wall units, with impedance under 16 ohms. I'm looking for something that will give me that vintage sound, as I run an old receiver through them, mostly playing vinyl.

Does anyone know of a safe on line dealer or a store/catalog where I could find replacements?

Thanks, -Dan

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Dan Lyons
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blau punkte in german is a place that coud made your day

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