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Anyone have any ideas on how to protect my system from a most very clever and unyielding speaker biter aka my one year old son. So far he has focused on the speaker wires directly on the back of the front and surround speakers. He has removed the screen from one of the front speakers and pushed the tweeter in(how do I get it back out?). I did manage to find a safety latch for the cabinet so he cant get at the receiver. I am worried he will ruin the speakers yank out the wires and ground them or worse case have one of the speakers fall on him.

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If your speakers will accept them, try dual banana plugs. I doubt he'll

be able to unscrew the wires from the plugs so your shorting problem

will go away.

As for how to make the rest of it child proof, how about giving him a

speaker of his own to experiment with and a stern warning that your's

are not toys?....Never worked for me either but worth a try.

To pull the tweater cone out, try a drinking straw. Really! Suck on one

end creating a slight vaccum. Then lightly touch the other to the cone

and draw back slowly. Or you can try some wall mounting putty. Use just

a pinch and try to make sure it doesn't leave a residue.

Good luck..

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....or some tape to pull on. Hard to tell what you're dealing with w/o seeing it.

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Good luck.

I yelled at my one year-old daughter yesterday for the first time about anything, and it was for knocking my speaker over for the second time in a week. I'd hate to put her up for adoption, so I hope we find a better solution. : )

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I had the same problem - must be hormone related.

Take a large straw, put one end on the pushed in dome. Suck in lightly while pulling back from the dome with the straw - the dome should pull back with it and pop out.


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Yes.. this is a difficult one but can you put them up higher so he

cannot reach them? Also, put them on another room? I do have a friend

(granted with her money is no object..) but she put all of the wires

cords in a closet which was on the other side of her living room wall)

and then in the living room all you saw was the actual speaker. (Does

this make sense - hard to explain but basically the wiring is behind

the equipmen tbut you cannot see it because its basically behind the

wall. If you want to access it, you go into the closet in the other

room.) Yes.. crazy but works!

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Theres not alot you can do if you cant put it higher. Can you install a makeshift 'fence' around the equipment?

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There is a product called Bitter Apple (from any pet store) which keeps my pets from chewing what I don't want them to. It tastes bitter but will not harm them.

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Hi, Once a child got crushed by a tippied TV set and it caused death. One thing for child proofing is to watch the child all the time. My daughter used to climb like monkey and nothing was safe even if it is placed high up. Tony

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Hi, Speakers can be wireless(either via RF or Infrared) Most dangerous is electrical outlet. My child used to remove the plug covering the open holes. Tony

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There is no child behavior problem that cannot be corrected with duct tape. :-)

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