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Any experienced Plasma burn-in from the TV logos in the lower right hand corner of the screen?

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Yes, it seems to be a danger even though some say it's impossible or improbable.

However, it usually takes hundreds of hours of un-changing video. What is it that causes a static picture for so long? You said TV logos... you mean the little CBS or WB or whatever in the corner superimposed on top of a show?

Games have been to blame for some of this, although the 'average' gamers I know have not had any problems even after an unholy amount of time in front of the TV. *smile* One of the guys I know has a plasma, two have LCDs, and one has a newer rear projection. All play more than they sleep and most have had their TVs for over a year with no burn.

-- Shawn Wilson

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Shawn Wilson

Yes, I was referring to the little CBS logo superimposed on top of a show.

Thank you for your comments, you have dissolved my concerns.

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