Intel backs Z-Wave

Interesting article at The Register:

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It might be old news to some here but I haven't been keeping up on the Z-Wave/ZigBee front.

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Lewis Gardner
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They've been been flogging that dead horse for some time now. I suspect they've manufactured more press releases than they have chips. The most pertinent statement in the article is in the third last paragraph...

"Z-Wave defines a two-way RF system that works in the 908MHz band. It incorporates a source routing protocol that supports mesh networking. The ZigBee camp argues that this protocol is very simple, but this means it will not scale well as more and more functions are added to a home automation network."

You'll find a very recent post here from Dean Roddey about latency problems with his system. You'll find posts from me from about 2 years ago predicting problems for all but the smallest of systems because of the time it takes for a message to traverse 4-5 hops (which doubles with two-way messaging which they now seem to be abandoning). There is also a maximum hop limit which is likely to cause trouble in large residences. It's a poorly designed system that has made little headway in the ~3 years it's been available. Posts here have been almost 100% from Z-Wave dealers with next to none from end users.

As best I can tell from the torrent of press releases, Intel is supporting it in some new chips which are NOT directed at the PC market but to set-top boxes, entertainment centers, etc.

I would keep an eye on

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Dave Houston

One wonders where Mr. Houston gets his information that Intel's comitment to ZWave is a "dead horse". Does he have inside information from Intel to which no one else in the industry has access?

Actually, there are only two Z-Wave dealers who post here. I'm not one of them though I might add the products in the future. Most of the Z-Wave related posts have been questions from the public and comments from folks selling competing technologies.

Earlier comments from Intel indicated they intend to make new PC microprocessors which will include Z-Wave support. They make chips for lots of other things which can benefit from a wireless protocol like Z-Wave.

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