X10 Turning On Unexpectedly?

We have one X10 node - connected to a couple of outdoor floods - that keeps turning on with no input from us. Other lights in the same letter-designated group are unaffected.

I've checked w/nearby neighbors to see if anybody else is running X10, but nobody says they are.

All the modules are up in an attic that's going tb a bear to get in to. I guess I'll have to eventually - and drop the wires down the soil stack to a closet where I can fool around with the modules easily.

But meanwhile, can anybody suggest other causes for just one module flipping on? NB that it never seems to flip off.... just on.

My uninformed guess would be some sort of spikes from some unknown source.

How about a device for debugging the "network"? i.e. listening for anomalies....

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Per (PeteCresswell):

I withdraw the question - having just stumbled on to the "X-10 RF home automation being overwhelmed by M2 OFF, C2 OFF and Gxx DIM signals" thread....

Looks tb a lotta good stuff there and I'll have to digest it bit-by-bit.

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