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I'm looking for an X10 module of some sort that will control horizontal blinds that tilt via the wand (not the chain). I saw something awhile back, but have been unable to find it again. Several people have suggested a drapery control but those won't do what I need. Any help would be appreciated.

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"The X-l 0 Miniblind Automation System offers individuals the possibility to reach beyond the confines of their home and stop the impact of a blistering summer day."

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"The Mini Blind Controller Receiver and Remote will enable you to open and close your mini blinds up to 30 feet away with the touch of a button. Great for bedrooms, offices and living rooms. Easily attaches to the twist control rods of most miniblinds and to the wall (with included velcro strips). Receiver uses four AA batteries (not included).

A single remote control can be used for unlimited blinds in the home or office as long as there is a separate motor unit attached to each blind."

(Not X-10, but perhaps adaptable. Also DISCONTINUED!!!! (sorry - I wish Smarthome would just kill their dead products. This is the third time I've found something I thought was useful there only to find it's a dead end!) Perhaps you can search on the product description on their web page above and find another vendor. I've seen a number of miniblind controllers that operate via twist and there are also several sites that detail using old power screwdrivers as drive motors.

Worthington seems to sell a unit that might work for less than $50:

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"At the touch of the remote controller, the wand rotates and your blinds tilt up or down. Easy to install with no wiring or modifications to the blind, the receiver mounts with Velcro® fasteners or a clear resin angle bracket. Auto Tilt® can be used with just about any brand of horizontal mini blinds"

-- Bobby G.

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