What kind of wire?

What kind of wire can be used for S-video, composite, or component video, as well as HD? Should I be using RG6 and/or something else? I've heard of a proposed CAT8 that is capable of being used for this, but unsure as to if I can just hook up the plugs on the ends and call it good, or is there more to it.

From a network perspective, I'm going to be using CAT5e throughout the

house for networking.

I'm assuming that I'd also need to use CAT5e, for control, run to each room with a tv in it. Can I put some kind of IR receiver on the end of this CAT5e that will control the equipment in the centralized location?

I know I asked a lot of questions, some of which might not be able to be answered without more information. However, my main question is about video. The first question is most important to me.

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