4 Fires Strike Apartment Buildings - substation blamed

I thought this would be of interest in view of the discussion a while back about squirrels and feeder lines issues affecting household AC. Anyone have any ideas what caused this and whether single family homes are vulnerable to substation issues? If so, why didn't fuses and breakers protect the panels?

-- Bobby G.

4 Fires Strike Apartment Buildings Electrical Panels Being Checked; Nearly 50 Families Displaced

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By Candace Rondeaux Washington Post Staff Writer Tuesday, March 27, 2007; Page B02

"Hundreds of apartments were without power . . . after four fires damaged apartment buildings . . . Fire officials determined that all the fires were accidental and started in electrical paneling in the buildings. Fire inspectors ordered Pepco to turn off power in the area after tracing a possible source of the problem to a nearby electrical distribution station, Brady said. The outage affected about 372 apartment units."

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