weather station special

Please check out my special.

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price around


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Is this the same guy who pretended to be his own satisfied customer in a previous post?

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Robert L. Bass

Yes, but this time, to his credit, he's being upfront with his pitch. He learned.

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Your post is a blatant commercial advertisement and a clear violation of the group's charter.

Did you not notice that this newsgroup has not (yet?) been destroyed by violations such as your as have many/most other usenet newsgroups?

There are many many commercial entities that would like to hawk their wares in this newsgroup but refrain from doing so. You are one of the very few with the bad manners and lack of business acumen to do so.


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But it's alright for Robert Bass to do so... because he provides "timely and informative" responses, right?? :-))

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