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I wonder about the quality of the coax shielding.

The stuff is outrageously expensive. $1.2 to 2.3 per foot plus $25 to terminate every length.

I would just as soon hollow out a run in a base board than run this under a carpet (and get walked on) or do the extra finishing work to cover it up on a wall.

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B Fuhrmann
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Does anyone in the group have and direct knowledge or opinions of this product??

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I see a few advantages and more problems with the product and would like some other opinions.

Thanks in advance.


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While I'm not familiar with Decorp, I have used the flat wire pictured for surround sound speakers with excellent results. The wire was self adhesive and when I sold the house it had been up for about 6 years with no delamination from the ceiling. Once painted it was virtually invisible and performance was equivalent to standard wiring.

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I've seen the stuff. It's not exactly invisible. It's too thick to disappear under paint. If you place it on a wall you'll need to apply taping compound and then sand and paint the wall to cover it. Under carpet it will be subjected to abuse from people walking on it with strong probability of failure.

It's also really expensive.

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Robert L. Bass

One neat way to cover this wire is to use self adhesive "edge banding" (used for covering the edges of drawer and cabinet fronts) right on top of the wire. I used this on a ceiling installation and it was barely detectable. Because it made a nice clean line it looked like an integrated part of the ceiling. Not as invisible as compound & paint but MUCH faster, easier and cleaner and almost as unobtrusive. After I put it up nobody ever noticed it. While the flat wire isn't cheap, it does have it's place if running concealed wiring is too difficult.

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Agreed. Then again, what some folks consider difficult others don't. I installed hard-wired alarms for many years in southern New England. After a while you consider brick walls easy to fish. :^)

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