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Hi All,

I am looking for a PC-Windows based home automation solution similiar to Crestron. I would like touchscreen panels that would control Security Cameras (as well as provide video feed), Fireball, Home Theater, MP3, speakers, etc.

Is there such a solution out there already? Or am I already locked into Crestron proprietary technology and steep prices?

I figure with Microsoft's Windows 7 support touch screen capability, the possibilites are endless. Any thoughts and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.


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Looks very interesting. Have you used it for long?

It has a 30 day trial and a reasonable cost ($69.00!) and an interesting corporate philosophy of supporting machines as old as WIN95 and small devices like the Pocket PC and things running Windows mobile. I've got a gaggle of touch screen tablet PCs running at 400MHz that would have great potential with a system like that. In fact it appears to support a lot of the HA HW I own, which is a very big plus. Even supports the ADI line of equipment, but not HomeVision, it seems, which is too bad, IMHO, as I feel HomeVision is a much better product. Plus, HV's designer is still quite active in the HV support group. The last time I checked on ADI's site, it had pretty much died the same slow death this newsgroup has. I imagine it can support HV via RS-232, though, as it seems to be pretty strong in that area. Just DL'ed the 22MB demo and will soon load it on a test PC to see how it goes.

One thing that spooked me was this item on the sales page because I am not even sure what they are talking about when they offer this item:

Extended Download Warranty This product is eligible for our Extended Download Warranty, for an additional cost ($4.95 per year) we'll keep a back-up copy of your digital files should you need to re-download them for any reason.

Another problem is no Paypal. )-: Well, nobody's prefect.

-- Bobby G.

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Robert Green

If what you are looking for is a system that may cost on the order of $1K rather than the $10K+ of Crestron, either Charmed Quark

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or HomeSeer
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can what you want.

HomeSeer right now has a sale for the upgrade of the base configuration to HomeSeer Pro that includes all of the add-ins that are normally separately priced for only an additional $150. The new, included HSTouch is dynamite in my opinion -- but with its flexibility comes the need to do much configuration/programming/design yourself.

If 'free' sounds good, investigate Premise System that used to be the premier PC-centric HA software -- until it was sold to Lantronix, and then to Motorola, who abandoned it. Last I knew, one could still download the software for free. There is an active community that has kept up with the latest and greatest such as iPhone support. Start here:

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HTH ... Marc Marc_F_Hult
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