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I installed a couple of simple Leviton motion detector switches each to control incandescent bulbs in closets off a bathroom. They work just swimmingly except for one problem: if the exhaust fan over the toilet is turned on - even briefly - one or both (usually both) of the closet fixtures will go into a "strobe" mode flashing on and off very quickly. To resolve the issue the manual switch must be turned off then back to auto for normal operation. I am assuming the fan is on the same circuit but I'm not there now to check that. Any ideas as to the cause and, more importantly, a fix?

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I'd guess the switch is freaking out for one of two reasons:

1)There's noise on the power line when the fan goes on and it sends the switch into la-la land 2) the "Motion" of the fan blade is freaking out the motion sensor (you didn't mention if the sensors could "see" the fan)

I'd contact Leviton on this one. There could be a way to filter the power at the fan or switches (many fans actually have a single outlet inside that the small fan plugs into)

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J Miller

The blades are actually hidden as it's a "fart fan" up in the ceiling and the two closets are some distance away. I'll try a call to Leviton. What's interesting is that once the flickering is triggered by the fan being turned on, turning the fan off does not stop it. It will flicker till the switch is manually reset.

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