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A few years ago, I added a signal bridge (

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) to a friend's X-10 setup to deal with classic bridging symptoms (worked with 240V resistive load on). Every thing worked great for several years. The same symptoms reappeared recently. Cranking up the baseboard heat eliminated the problem so I assumed the signal bridge had failed & ordered a new one. Installed that yesterday & yet the problem persists.

I'm going back today & verify that the supply wires are hot, but assuming they are, I have a few questions:

1) Is there any way to test the unit with only a multimeter?

2) Should I just assume I was sent a bum unit & return it for another?

3) Any other possible explanations for this behavior?
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Keith Miller
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There is no way to test either the signal bridge or the X10 signal strength with just a multimeter. The 4816H is really nothing more than a series-resonant circuit comprised of 0.1uF capacitor and a 18uH choke. It presents a low impedance at 120KHz.

The problem is most likely due to electrical devices added recently that either attenuate X10 signal levels, or generate noise that makes it difficult or impossible for a receiving module to correctly decode commands. The solution is to either identify and isolate the offending devices with filters, or increase the signal levels.

I wrote a X10 troubleshooting series that should help:

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Jeff Volp

Thanks for your reply, Jeff.

Turns out it was a supply problem. The original unit was still good. Never assume anything!!! LOL

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