Oooh, pretty: Single view of what CD/DVD/XM is on in the house

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Ooooh, pretty. I just got my system setup so I have a centralized view of what is currently playing on each source. I have another screen where I can see all zones

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), I didn't put the source per zone there as before last night all I could see was CD/XM. I think I'll have to add this in there.

This by itself is of decent value as I can now create 2+ DVD renderer PCs in the house, and if someone wants to watch a DVD they can see if DVDPlayer #1 is busy, if so then use DVDplayer #2 to watch. Once there's conditional logic in CQC, i'll be able to push that logic into the system.

Now all I need is to do the same thing with SageTV, and i'll really be able to seperate sources from zones and have a one-stop-shop for all audio/video entertainment and control...

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