newbie looking for cheap solutions


I want to install domotica in an existing building. All wiring will be redone, so I have quite some freedom.

I want to automate as much as possible and be able to independently control it with a computer and switches. I don't want my lights to stop functioning when the computer crashes, for instance. I'd use a Linux system to control all this via a web interface.

I was thinking of making the lights and some of the wall sockets controllable to start with. A music system to use in different rooms (that can control the stereo independently) is high on my list as well. I have no idea what else I can do, at least not relatively cheap.

This brings me to the big problem, which is that I'm on a very thight budget, although it might change depending on the features the money will buy.

I was wondering if some of you know of information that might be useful to me. For the lights and wall sockets, I've been thinking of using two relays. This way, I can switch lights and wall sockets electrically, but I don't know how to do this with the computer yet. That's as far as I got until now.

Thanks a lot for all tips and feedback.

Cheers, Tim

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