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My name is Justin Frost, I would like to be respectful and ask this group before continuing to post any further. I am with an internet company and would like to ask the members of this group to give feedback on our site. Not to try and sell anything or post spam and clutter your forums, but simply to post our url and start a thread about your reactions. Our site is a home services and home product directory that is broken down to be geographically specific and our catagories are listed by internationally standardized trade designations(SIC codes). Once a location is selected the only results that will appear will corospond to that city.

There are over 300'000 listings in 425 cities across North America broken down in 270 catagories.

If noone is bothered by me posting my URL, I will do so. If anyone objects to me posting I will refrain.

Thank you for your time Justin Frost

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someth> Hello,

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Our site does have "some" content for home automation, our site is broken down in to two main catagories, Construction Related Services and Home Items and Services. Wtihin Construction Related Services(CRS) we have a catagory called Smart Homes. Currently, there are 0-2 listings per urban center as it is not a widely used service. As we grow and implement our lisencee program and have agents in each city this catagory as well as the others within our directory will develop. Our average catagory has 2-5 listings in most urban centers. I don't want to cite my URL unless I am invited to do so, if there are no objections I would love to post here as the users in this group are very well versed in "the home & the Internet". Please let me know if there is anyone within this group that would be interested in a service such as this.

Thank you for your consideration Justin Frost wrote:

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Why don't you have a profile ?

Maybe if you had a profile with an e-mail address, interested persons could send you an e-mail to get the address to your website and return to this forum with comments.

Or better yet. POST your e-mail address for persons wanting your web site address to request it.

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Appologies Duck, I have only recently started using forums so I am still learning the ins and outs of Forum Etiquette. I will update my profile today and as for my e-mail, it is j Thank you for your input though.

Just> Why don't you have a profile ?

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