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Hello Helpers!

I would like to install an outdoor Motion Detect Floodlight (120V,

150W) with a Timer control such that the floodlight would function only in the night according to the timer settings.

However, I do not know what is standard or typical way of installing the timer, and the location of it.

Therefore, I come up with a plan of setting up a new circuit breaker, wire from breaker to a small "box" hanging in my basement concrete walls. This box will contain a GFCI outlet, a timer plug into the outlet, and the timer output wires connect to Floodlight. I thought of this set up because I could not find any budget timer controller that allows me to wire to it and out directly. I think of using interior timer controller (various kinds), and that's why I need to set up a box with GFCI outlet, and plug the interior timer into the outlet. The cheapest timer allowing direct wiring cost like $50+ in Lowes!

Now, though this seems logical, but looks a little odd to me. Got a few questions:

1) How should I hang the "box" in the basement? I am thinking to use some sort of electrical weather-proof box. Should I hang this box against a piece of wood panel, then the wood panel against the concrete wall ?

2) Is there a better or standard set up for timer control ?

Many Thanks in Advance! Sean

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Sean, You may be over engineering your solution. Most modern motion controlled floodlights have a built in photo sensor that detects whether it is daytime or nighttime.

Additionally, sunrise and sunset change everyday. With a timer, you'll need to adjust it regularly to correspond with the changes to day and night. Using one with a built in photo sensor will alleviate this and other problems associated with using a timer.


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Too bad the motion controlled floodlights of mine do not have photo sensor. Maybe because I bought it very cheap!

Any idea of the typical household how they have their lighting controller housed, position and installed ?

Thanks Sean wrote:

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Hi Jim,

I sell a Leviton 6308 add-on photo-cell transmitter that can be used with an X10 receiver to enable/disable the lighting circuit. There may be cheaper solutions out there but this is at least worth considering.

Here's a link:

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Regards, Robert L Bass
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X10's PR511 motion activated floodlight has integral dawn/dusk control and timer. That's probably all you'll need. It can also be manually turned on/off via X10 power line signals, and can send X10 signals to control other X10 devices when motion is detected.

(I d> Hello Helpers!

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Charles Sullivan

Robert, I'm not on the market for anything like this. The original poster may be.


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We've used them at 2 houses. The old one worked perfectly for many years. But, just before we moved it started coming on randomly any time of the day. I never did find out the reason why.

We now live in a much warmer climate. The two we have now work well except for the warmest nights. If they click on during the night we can usually see a fox or other large animal wandering off.

The only real quirk they have is that they come on multiple times during lightning storms in sync with particularly bright flashes. Each time they go off again after the timeout.

The fact that they can also be switched on manually is very convenient.


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